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 How I am grading the forum - REVISED 7/22

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PostSubject: How I am grading the forum - REVISED 7/22   Wed Jul 06, 2016 4:32 pm

Requirements for Forum Posting:

There are three two-week sections of the course.

July 5 – July 17
July 18 – July 31
August 1 – August 15

I am requiring you to post 14-18 meaningful posts for each two-week segment.  I am also requiring you to start at least one topic of your own during that period of time.  (Topics in non-philosophical forums – e.g. technical assistance questions – don’t count).  A meaningful post should be 75+ words that contribute to the conversation, although shorter posts may be combined toward your needed total of posts.

Policy adjusted 7/22/2016

Daniel Propson   --   PHL 204 Professor   --   Plato nut   --   Private message me with questions

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How I am grading the forum - REVISED 7/22
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