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 How is the course going?

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PostSubject: How is the course going?   Sat Jul 16, 2016 8:27 pm

I don't have a ton of experience teaching online classes, and I very much want to provide the best educational experience possible in this class. As such, I would love to hear your honest feedback. So PLEASE drop me a line, telling me what you find helpful in the course, and what things about the course could be better. Please do this by Monday night.

There are two ways to respond: (1) Here, in this thread, (2) Anonymously, through Moodle. I have posted an anonymous survey on Moodle, under "Topic 1".

You will not be graded on this, but it is quite important to me, and I expect you to do it. Plus, it will count as a post toward your participation grade.

Daniel Propson   --   PHL 204 Professor   --   Plato nut   --   Private message me with questions

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PostSubject: Re: How is the course going?   Sun Jul 17, 2016 10:40 am

I like the course a lot but there a couple things that I think could use improvement.

For one, it would be very helpful to have you post more topics in the forums. I am finding it difficult to post 17-25 meaningful post because someone already state my point or because I don't real feel I have anything meaningful to say about a particular topic. I understand that everyone is suppose to post their own topic to the forum, but it is just not enough.

Also, more instructions on the dialogue would be helpful. Maybe, a video explaining what you want for a dialogue. I am just concerned that I did not complete the dialogue correctly.

But otherwise, I really like the forums and I think the lecture videos are very helpful. I think this an excellent way to study philosophy. Keep up the good work! Very Happy
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Justin Bruyneel

Justin Bruyneel

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PostSubject: Re: How is the course going?   Mon Jul 18, 2016 7:54 pm

This is my second experience in an online class since I generally try to avoid them If I can. The first course I took, Pharmacology, was very impersonal whereas I think having this forum as our digital class room makes it more interpersonal. I also think there are some benefits to having discussions online rather than in person because many people who would otherwise remain quiet in a real classroom have a voice.

I think your lectures are really well-prepared and entertaining. It's nice being able to see you in the video. I also like how you uploaded your lectures to Vimeo rather than YouTube or Moodle. In my experience, it's always been a more stable platform.

Although I do enjoy the forum as a sort of digital classroom, it's pretty rudimentary as far as forums go and definitely takes some time to get used to. Also, sometimes the ads are so bad that as soon as I get into the website, I can no longer do anything in my browser (Safari).

Last, I really like the daily updates. I think those are critical in an online class, especially an accelerated one like this. However, I do have to agree with Erin that sometimes it's hard to post on the forum. At times there really is nothing more to say on a topic because something has been said in different ways ad nauseam. I make an effort to come up with posts that I think are thoughtful, so it takes me time to write them whereas I look at a few other posts that seem lack any sort of thought. That makes it hard to keep a conversation going and to write new posts to meet the requirements.
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PostSubject: Re: How is the course going?   

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How is the course going?
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